Wild & Wise Virtual Internship Program

CICASP's Wild & Wise Virtual Internship Program
To circumvent COVID-19 restrictions, CICASP is launching a virtual internship as part of Kyoto University's Wild & Wise scheme. The Primate Research Institute (PRI) and Wildlife Research Center (WRC) of Kyoto University will offer a virtual internship...
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How the Social Brain Evolved

The fourth talk in our " International Primatology Lectures on Past, Present and Future Perspectives of the Field " showcases the discoveries - often accidental - of Professor Robin Dunbar! Prof. Dunbar is behind some key scientific ideas, such as the Social Brain...
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Time Travelling with Nerds

The fourth in the series of our casual science communication events ( Inuyama Nerds )* was held during the 12 th PWS symposium and the CICASP 10 th anniversary tribute. Using different concepts and approaches, three invited speakers shared their views on the meaning of...
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